13 December 2006

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Travelling on business? Mind your liquids

By a staff reporter

Business travellers usually travels as light as they can but the least worry is that any liquid carried by hand luggage would have to conform to new norms. In fact a small quantity of liquids is allowed through airport security in your hand baggage, but all liquids must be in individual containers no bigger than 100ml and must fit in one transparent, re-sealable bag, fastened and closed. This transparent re-sealable bag should fit into your hand baggage.
It’s important that travelling businesspeople are prepared. See that the items are fitted comfortably in the transparent re-sealable bag and than fastened and closed in the hand luggage. Airlines insist that only one bag per person is allowed with dimensions of maximum 45cm wide, 25cm depth and 56cm long – pretty much the size of a shopping bag.
At security checkpoints and queues, your transparent re-sealable bag is fastened close and ready for inspection. Remove all liquid medicines, food from hand luggage as they need to be inspected. Coins, keys, mobile phones, and wallets may be left in the hand luggage for X-ray detection, but remove any large electrical item like a laptop from the hand luggage.
Once you reach the security point, place the transparent fastened closed re-sealable bag with liquids into a tray, along with your coat, or jacket for x-ray. If you are asked to take off you shoes do so and place them in the tray. Place also in the tray your lap top and any large electrical good. Then at last place your hand luggage on the roller bed to be x-rayed, pass on through security and re-collect your belongings.
Medicines needed for the trip may be packed directly in your hand luggage and may be asked to verify it by a security officer; lipsticks and solid deodorants are allowed in hand baggage, however lipgloss and spray, cream and roll-on deodorants in containers of 100ml or less must go into your transparent, re-sealable bag.
Contact lens solutions must also be in containers of 100ml or less and inserted in transparent re-sealable bag; liquids of over 100ml must be checked in the baggage destined for the aircraft hold; and if you are carrying foodstuffs see that they are in containers of less than 100ml and placed in transparent re-sealable bag
You can fly with everything you buy such as cosmetics, toiletries and drinks which are available after the security check but obtained from the departure lounge; of course, no sharp items are allowed as part of the hand baggage – clip your nails before you set out for the trip or get them in the main baggage.
Only remove your shoes and belt if asked to by the security officer, and if the medical detector sets off when you are searched, the security officers will hand search you. Lately security officers are hand-searching travellers chosen at random as well.

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