19 September 2001
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Crisis as a catalyst for co-operation

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The euro and enlargement

At the Euro 2002 Conference on the euro and enlargement in Budapest last week, EU Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Pedro Solbes highlighted the euro's progress to date, the currency's roll-out strategy and the approach recommended for EU candidate countries.

Air Malta braces itself for insurance, fuel hikes
By Kurt Sansone
The fragile airline industry worldwide is already reeling from last week’s tragic events in the US, and Malta’s national airline does not expect to be spared the repercussions of such a massive blow to the global economy.

No tax assessments based solely on benchmarking

The tax authorities aim to achieve a personal relationship with taxpayers and benchmarks will only be used as a basis for discussion between the Tax Compliance Unit and individuals under investigation

Maltacom chief’s warning
By Kurt Sansone
The impact that the liberalisation of the telecommunications market will have on Maltacom is something that the company’s chief executive officer is already giving some serious thought to, judging by the stiff warning he gave staff last month

Stephen Muscat
With the telecommunications sector entering a new era, Maltacom’s Group Chief Executive Stephen Muscat talks to KURT SANSONE about the recently-published half-yearly financial results and his vision for the company as it gears up to face competition

Words must become actions, says Malta Business Bureau chief
Ensuring development is pleasing to the eye
Attacks on US impact local travel industry
EU membership preparation the best means of meeting EMU requirements - Solbes


The euro's implications on local businesses
The introduction of the euro across Europe in a little over three months is expected to achieve the effect of evening out competition levels between the Eurozone and the United States. While Malta is still far from European Monetary Union membership, businesses carrying out business with companies in EMU countries will need to make adjustments to fit in with the massive changeover. What are the pros and cons for such local firms? The Malta Financial and Business Times takes a look.


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