25 June 2003

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Central Bank gearing up for EMU membership
- timing of ERM II membership dependant on progress in convergence
By Julian Manduca
While a number of countries including, recently, the UK have held wide-ranging debates on the prospects of adopting Europe’s single currency, Malta will not have the same option as European Union membership itself obliges Malta to adopt the euro as its currency. READ MORE >>

EU ratification ­ the PM wants a stronger hand
- Labour won’t let him have it
By Matthew Vella
"This bill we have in front of us is introducing… the way we shall be proceeding in our obligations laid out in the Accession Treaty which are…why not use the word?… dictatorial." READ MORE >>

Official interest rates lowered for second month running
By David Lindsay
The Central Bank of Malta yesterday lowered the central intervention rate by 25 basis points to 3.25 per cent, a reduction equal to last month’s rate cut. READ MORE >>

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