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Altaro software launched in Malta

Altaro Software, a new company aiming to be one of the leaders in the global backup and versioning software industry, today issued the first ever release of its innovative Oops!Backup product.
Oops!Backup is a Backup and Automatic Versioning solution for documents, images and other files which automatically tracks changes to user-generated content. Oops!Backup is unique in that it not only backs up and recovers the most recent version of a file but also allow users to go back in time and very easily restore older versions of their work - that is, it stores a historical record of the different changes made to a file in that file’s lifespan.
“The positive feedback we received from our successful beta program is a testament to the innovative and unique technology that exists in Oops!Backup. Our Automatic Versioning and BackInTime technology differentiates Oops!Backup from other traditional backup software. Before restoring a document users can actually preview the document to see that it is the version they really need.
The Oops!Backup BackInTime technology backs up and versions user-generated content making it ideal for a variety of needs such as designers, MS office users, web developers, journalists, researchers, students, and many others,” says David Vella, CEO, Altaro Software.
With Oops!Backup, users are protected from common mistakes and errors that happen when they are actively working with their frequently updated files such as Office documents, Photo and Image editing and other files. Common mistakes such as saving over another document, sudden document corruption, misplacing of files and other accidents are a thing of the past. Recovering and reverting changes and seeing how a document looked at a certain point in the past is now possible.
Willem van der Berg, a beta tester and a web developer from the Netherlands, explains: “Backups are great, but what if it’s not the computer messing things up... but you? As a web developer I frequently find myself wishing I could just ditch the current version and revert to an earlier version of my work, before I wandered off down the wrong path. Oops!Backup keeps track of all my changes: I can just go back several hours, days or even weeks and months in time and it’s right there... the file as it was on that particular moment. Brilliant! Thanks for making my job a lot easier.”
Nils Kaczenski, a beta tester and an IT Consultant and Microsoft MVP also talks about the new concepts included in Oops!Backup: “Backing up data is a task that is often ignored by IT users as it tends to be very complex. Oops!Backup adds a new idea now: You can protect your data from loss and you silently create versions of your work. This allows users to correct everyday mistakes such as accidentally deleting a complete document - or losing just parts of their work by saving an incomplete version over a complete one. This makes it a valuable tool for both private users and professionals. No hassle with complicated backup jobs or giant backup sets. Simply get your documents and data saved and be able to go back in time - quite a perspective!”
Other unique and innovative technologies included in Oops!Backup are ReverseDelta™, Plug & Protect and Search In Backup, which increases space efficiency and the user experience of the product.
Oops!Backup is now available for sale through Altaro’s web store. Volume discounts are available by contacting [email protected] for companies and value added resellers that want to bring the Oops!Backup advantages to their employees.


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Altaro software launched in Malta



09 December 2009


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