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Chamber rejects MCESD proposals

Charlot Zahra

Less than three weeks before the Budget for 2010 is to be presented by Finance Minister Tonio Fenech, the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry (MCCEI) has walked out – at least metaphorically – from the pre-Budget discussions that the MCESD had been taking painstakingly for the past three months. >>

Unions warn government not to raise energy tariffs

Bulgaria-Malta trade talks

GRTU calls on government to revise electricity revision formula

Stephen Wright to step down as Melita CEO

Cola 2010, is it justified?

The golden triangle


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A smart guy for ‘SmartCity Malta’
After months of speculation triggered by a lull in communication, SmartCity Malta’s new acting CEO Fareed Abdulrahman breaks the silence and proves to be totally different to his predecessor. In an interview with KARL STAGNO-NAVARRA, he assures that the project is on schedule and insists for the Maltese to develop a sense of ownership to the project that is set to put Malta at the heart of the new upcoming economy.>>

COLA: the greatest of challenges
The Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) mechanism which is currently the subject of controversy due to the rise in the cost of living in 2008 principally due to higher energy costs lies at the heart of our political as well as of our economic existence.>>

George M. Mangion
Problems all round for pensions
One cannot tackle the subject of pensions without analyzing the economic environment that are prevailing. Many consider pensions and their sustainability during the current meltdown of global economies as the last problem on the list of troubled finance ministers.
In reality, the pensions problem is looming larger than the sub-prime crisis that sent banks in the US such as Lehman Brothers to the wall.



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21 October 2009

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